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  • vector graphic image green earplugs

    Neon green earplugs

    I did not have a lot of time for todays vector illustrations so I decided to draw this little  neon green earplugs.

  • vector image stack of sketchbooks

    Stack of Sketchbooks

    Today I did not draw anything new. I just stacked the three sketchbooks I drew so far.

  • vector image small black sketchbook

    Small Black Sketchbook

    One of my small black sketchbooks.

  • vector image black sketchbook

    Black Sketchbook

    This is the todays digital illustration of one of my many black sketchbooks.

  • vector image red sketchbook

    Red Sketchbook

    Usually I have black sketchbooks. However, this one was a gift.

  • vector image fixpencil


    Everyone should have a fixpencil from Caran d’Ache. This one is quite old and it served me well so far. It travelled with me a lot and never let me down.

  • vector image wooden tray

    Square Wooden Tray

    My square wooden tray.

  • vector image mint gift box

    Mint Gift Box

    In this mint cardboard Box I store all my memorabilia from my childhood.

  • vector image bone folder

    Bone folder

    Todays vector illustration shows one of my probably most simple yet efficient tools. This bone folder is made of real bone.  

  • vector image tray table

    Tray table

    This little tray table I bought to have a nice place for all my plants.

  • vector illustration clinical thermometer

    Clinical Thermometer

    Although I like measuring devices in general the object I turned into a vector graphic today is not one of my favorite objects. It is one of those objects i am happy…

  • vector illustration small wooden table

    Small wooden table

    My great grandmothers small wooden table.